This blog will focus on two related issues: the cultural, social and legal consequences of the rise of Feminism in the West, particularly here in America and the capitulation of the Church at large to the same. 

As a society, we have rejected the fundamental and important differences between men and women and have imagined ourselves wiser than earlier generations for doing so. The older I get and the more I learn, the more convinced I become that many of the cultural norms and traditions we left behind in the 1960s as “misogynst” or “Patriarchal oppression of women” were in fact ‘the Wisdom of the Ancients’; beliefs and principles borne of sober observation of the real world and a desire to ‘optimize’ society and culture by conforming them to reality as it exists, not as we wish it to be.

This should be no surprise for Christians, as many of theses norms and traditions are consistent with if not rooted in the Judeo-Chrisitan worldview, itself an outgrowth of the Bible, which states that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of both knowledge and wisdom. God created men and women differently; complimentary to one another. Further, God is clear that man was created to be the leader, both of their wife and their family, and that woman was created as their husbands’ helper and subordinate. That said, God is also adamant that there is a reciprocal dynamic to this complimentarity, foreclosing any notions of inherent male ‘superiority’. As though to reinforce this principal within the marital relationship, God declares that a man’s body is just as much the ‘property’ of his wife as her’s is of his*. As such, the subordinate position of women is not a statement of relative worth but of different purpose; so much so that God all but tells men that He will not hear their prayers if they disrespect their wives or mistreat them. There is a beautiful and remarkable balance to God’s design of the sexes, though many seem intent on not seeing it, either from simple observation or from Scripture.

Sadly, the pernicious influence of Feminsim has also taken firm root in the American Church to the extent that much of the above is reinterpreted or ignored to avoid offending Femisist sensibilities. Prominent leaders in the Church, as well as popular and respected parachurch ministries – knowingly or unknowingly – repackage feminist notions in biblical language and pass them off as truth. This has severely compromised the Church’s mission to be salt and light to the culture at large, and our society is suffering the increasingly dire consequences of this abdication. 

*cram that in your piehole, feminists…


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